High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine - All Models

High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine - All Models

Film-coating is nothing but a process designed to spray tablets or pills with edible films in order to improve it in safe nourishment as well as to enhance their appearance. During film-coating, the pills or tablets are sprayed with a polymer solution which is mostly pigmented.

The next step is to air dry the coated tablet to avoid any moisture retention behind. The dry air stream is part of the machine itself and marks the completion of this process.

The final product is an impeccable, polished, and pigmented tablet ready to be packed in sealed boxes. These pills coated with edible films then make their way to the market to be sold to consumers.

The primary reason for coating a tablet with an edible film is to improve its appearance, enhance its stability, and protect it from dust and other fragments. Film-coating even makes it easier to swallow pills since it gives the pills a smooth and slimy texture.

What are the characteristics of the High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine?

The High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine is an automatically driven electric machine made up of pure stainless steel. It not just has a robust built but is extremely versatile in nature too with plenty of functions to its credit.

This device is the latest upgrade of a previously released machine of the E model. Owing to that fact, it has a number of advanced options and features that weren’t present in the E model.

  • The film coating machine is not just limited to one type. It is quite versatile in nature dealing with all sorts of coating like sugar films, organic films, and water-soluble films among many others too.
  • Although this machine may be bigger than many other devices that operate in pharma industries, it is pretty quiet to be around.
  • In addition to being highly efficient and productive in nature, this film coating machine also consumes a lot less energy than you’d expect from a device of that caliber.
  • The size of this film-coating device may seem bigger than usual but it really takes up very little carpet area allowing for better use of floor space.

What are the advantages of investing in this device?

The High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine is extremely uncomplicated to operate, run, clean, and maintain. Its features are not just limited to the pharma companies but are also extended to the healthcare, food, and fitness industries too.

The High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine is designed not just to improve the overall productivity of your company but also to cut down costs pertaining to manpower.

Since this device is highly accurate, the end results are pretty impressive as compared to manpower which is prone to committing errors.

Summing It Up:

The High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine is a lot smaller in size than most other machines employed in the pharma and healthcare industries. This gives it an added advantage to the rest.

Given that the machine puts forth little to no noise pollution, you can even greatly reduce the sound pollution in your company leading to an overall peaceful and sober vibe in the working place.

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