Zws137 Rotary Tablet Deduster



ZWS137 rotary tablet Deduster

  1. Main application

This machine is suitable for dedusting all type tablets. It is adapted to all types of tablet machine. With the attachment of duster and compressed air the dust can be got rid of doing the vibration at the filter dise.

  1. Features

The part of this machine makes basically from stainless steel material, easy to wash, is able to bear corrosion, have noise moves low, nimbly, the rotation rate continues adjustable, and continuous removal the dust etc characteristic.

  1. Main technical data

Power 25W

Voltage 220V

Diameter of rotating roller 137MM

Rotating speed of roller 0-75 R/M

  1. Used method
  2. it’s need to check if the voltage accord with the stipulated voltage by the machine before using the machine.
  3. Let this machine’s material mouth to aim at the export mouth of the tablet press machine when using the machine. Clear up the dust dipper according to the used condition, periodic cleaning sieve movie tube inner’s. Also may take a vacuum out in the external world, the mouth draws dust out of to attracting powder under the effect.
  4. Should must stop the machine immediately in the process of usage if discovering unusual noise. Being continuing to use after debugging.