Zs-u Type Automatic Machine for the Production of Suppository




Our company digested and absorbed abroad advanced technology and bond internal suppository producing practice to manufacture and develop this produce that is machine /electricity and gas united new produce. This produce can replace import equipment, and it lies in internal precede level, and we have reported national patent for it. This subassembly can be adapted to producing suppository of plant physic of various groups, various gluing degree and various forms.

working principle?

The rolled plastic sheet material (PVC or PVC/PE) is pressed positively to blow and make a statue to take shape, and enter into filling procedure automatically, stirred equally drug fluid is filled to nul nutshell automatically through high precise dosing pump, and is sheared into muti-strip iso-segment. Then it will become solid cork granulation through much time cryo-stereotypia which will realize conversion from fluid to solid. At last, it will be produced to end product suppository by mending form, sealing, beating batch number and shearing working procedure.

Technical characteristic?

1?using inset filling?accurate in position?non-dribbling drug?non-hanging wall?high precise in counting.

2?be wide in suitability, can be used to fill high gluing degree gelatin group and the traditional Chinese medicine ware.

3?using PLC written formula control and industry grade person-machine interface operation, possessing characteristics of high degree automatization\ convenience in adjustment\ high precise thermo-control\ reliability in action and steady in running etc.

4?having big volume storing fluid vessel, laying homeothermia\ stirring and fluid surface auto-control assembly.

5?relieving worker’s physical labor strength for lower position of filling drug fluid, laying cycling to supply fluid and keeping thermo equipment of channel pathways, and it will ensure drug fluid not be coagulated when machine stop.

6?small area occupied?easy to operate.

Technical parameter?

1?production?6000—10000granulations per hour

2?dosage per granulation?1-5g per granulation?also can be made special qualification?

3?dosage difference allowed?±2%

4?suppository form?bullet form?torpedo form?duck-mouth form and other special form

5?adapting group?demi-synthesis fatty acid lipo-glycerol?glycerol gelatin?polyethylene glycol etc.

6?volume of storing fluid vessel?50L

7?height of wadding?1400mm

8?electric pressure of power?three- phases AC 380V

9?total power:13KW

10?air pressure?0.6MPa

11?consuming gas tolerance?1.5m3/min

12?volume of consuming water?1000Kg/h?be used in circle?

13?overall dimensions?3390×2800×1700mm?length×width×height?

14?weight of overall machine?2000kg?