Zdj-5 Automatic Potential Titrator



ZDJ-5 Automatic Potential Titrator


1.Modular design consisting of three sections: capacity titration unit (can be replaced by Coulomb titration unit), control unit ( can be replaced by PC titration software) and measurement unit (including measurement of potential, conductivity and constant) to realize potential titration, coulomb titration, conductivity titration and constant titration.

2.Touch screen control, easy to operate.

3.Titration software control to realize all kinds of operation.

4.Electricity cutting off protection.

5.Special titration modes of pre-titration, pre-setting terminal titration, empty terminal titration or manual titration to expand the range of application.

6.Titration system made of perchloric acid resistant materials to make non-water titration possible

Technical parameters?


a) pH: ±0.01pH±1 digit

b) mV: ±0.03%FS

c) temperature: ±0.3°C

2.Input current:

Not greater than 1´10-12 A

3.Input impedance:

Not less than 3´1012 W

4.Stability: ±0.3mV±1 digit/3h

5.Control titration sensitivity: ±2mV

6.Titration tube capacity error:

10ml tube: ±0.025ml

20ml tube: ±0.035ml

7.Titration rate: 55±10s (to the full scale of the tube)

8.Capacity analysis reproducibility: 0.2%.