(yg-kgz4) Kgz Series Filling Machine




Brief introduction?

Yg-kgz4 type cartridge filling and sealing machine is a new type liquid filling machine which meets the needs of insulin production and some other new pharmaceutical technics requirements. The entire designing is totally according to gmp production requirements.

Working principle:

This machine consists of bottle feeding net conveyor, synchronized belt, stopper supplying system, filling system, capping device and electric control system.

It use net conveyor and synchronized belt to feed the bottles, auto stoppering from the bottom, servo motor drives the ceramic pump to fill the cartridge twice, and pump back the overflow liquid, and cap adding cap-sealing by the capping head.

Servo motor controlled filling, filling precision is high, and running speed is high, filling error is small.

Ceramic pump filling, sealing effect is good. Without dripping effect. Easy to disassemble and clean.

Stoppering manipulator moves 90 degree; synchronized belt bottle transferring is reliable. Flling positioning is good.

Touch panel operation and PLC control, with inter-lock function, relable safety standard and high automation degree.

CE certified, standard electric installation, safety guarantee on operation.

Twice filling and back suck function reduces the foaming effect.

Side type capping, capping is smooth and sealing effect is good.

Equip with acrylic glass protection hood.

Optional 100-class laminar flow

Optional nitrogen, filling device

The whole machine is designed according to GMP requirements.

Technical parameters

Suitable bottle range:2-5ml vial (change the proper change part)

Power supply: 380V 50Hz

Total power:4.4kw

Filling error:?1%

Compressed air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa qty:20m3/h

Auto stoppering ratio:?99.5%

Single machine noise:?70dB