Xh-?type High Effect Strong Planet Style Mixing Machine




This machine is a new product which is exploited and designed by our company through digesting and absorbing oversea advanced technique, it is used mainly to mix and mill solid state material of pharmacy industry and foodstuff industry, it is mating equipment of making traditional Chinese medicine pill, and it can be used in mixing procedure of honey pill \ concintration pill \ water pill and water-honey pill.

Working principle

Adopting planet-style mixing structure, mixing pan and mixing slurry turn relatively at the same time, material will be mixed fully on the action of planet-style mixing machine, there is no dead angle \ blind section and leaking point during the process of mixing, it is newer mixing structure and moving track.

Technical characteristic

1?big cubage of one time loading capacity, high production efficiency, it can offer 100L-500L of capacity of mixing pan on the base of different demand.

2?mixing equally\fully, using planet-style mixing principle, it can carry out mighty mixing to visciditious and thick drug material, for example, concentration pill\ honey pill and flour species product of foodstuff industry.

3?The parts of contacting material are all stainless steel material, it accords with GMP demand, and there is no leaking point during the process of working.

4?convenient clearing and dismantling, main mixing body can lean back 45 degree angles, mixing pan can part from main machine, it can be used to store material, also can be used as mixing pan, and it can realize multi-pans to be used by turns.

5?adopting PLC control, it can realize timing \ shifting and operating omni-automatically.

Technical parameter

1?cubage of mixing pan: 100L?150L?200L?250L?300L?350L?400L?450L?500L.

2?The once mixing time is 3-10mins per pan on the base of different material.

3?you can choose different form mixing slurry on the base of material, mixing slurry and revolution can realize regulating speed steplessly.

4?voltage of power source ?three-phases AC 380V

5?total powder?3?8KW

6?overall dimensions?1600×1500×1800mm(length×width×height?