Sjz-i Mode Suppository High Efficiency Mix Round Machine




This machine is the main equipment for suppository drug before filling-loading. It is used mostly to mill\equilibrating quality\ emulsification after mixing drug and group pro rata, and it is substitute for mixing material pot.

Working principle:

Group and drug are in sandwich of heat preservation pot, and they will be inhaled to rotor section continuously from the bottom of the container by tail-wagging special setting. Then materiel will be pop from the bore of stator in the action of violent cutting force, and will fall on the surface of container while changing direction, as well as new materiel will be inhaled to rotor section , then, it will begin a new working cycle.

Technical characteristic:

1?simple structure, and be the same with mixing different materiel.

2?mixing equally, mixing drug and group fully, not forming delaminating after shaping suppository, in favor of improving biological utilization degree.

3?not forming air bubble and separating drug when filling.

4?according with GMP standard , all parts which contact with drug are stainless steel material.

Technical parameter:


2?mixing power : 1.5-2.2kw

3?heat preservation and heating up power?4.5~7.5kw

4?power supply voltage?three- phases AC 380V


6?figuration size?1000×700×1400mm( length×width×height)