Sgw-1 Automatic Polarimeter



SGW-1 Automatic Polarimeter


1. Use the incandescence lamp plus filter stand for sodium lamp in order to lengthen the service life of the light power (more than 2000 hours).

2. Need not prewarm when turning on.

3.Measuring specific rotation, optical rotation, sugar degree and concentration

4.Automatic repetition-measurement for 6 times, and calculation of average value and means square root

5.Sample chamber adopts constant temperature designing in order to decrease the temperature heating effect on measurement

6.Temperature display

7.USB interface

Technical parameters:

1.Measurement range: -45°+45°, -120°Z-+120°Z

2.Minimum Reading: 0.001°

3.Accuracy: ±(0.005°+ Measurement value ´0.03 %)

±(0.015°Z+ Measurement value ´0.03 %)

4.Repeatability (Standard Deviation s):£0.002°, £0.006°Z

5.Minimum sample transmittance: 1%

6.Weight (Net) 30 kg

7.Overall dimensions: 680mm×322mm×210mm