Sdw-?type Roller Big Honey Pill Machine




This machine is a new product which is manufactured by our company, the design of whole machine is coincident with the demand of GMP, and it has characteristics of round pill’s form and strong adaptability, it is the main moulding equipment for working procedure of big honey pill.

Working principle

Drug mass of honey pill mixed initially is thrown into material’s entrance interruptedly, by the action of pushing of the helix of propeller continuously, they will change to drug strips with equal diameter through adjustable exiting-strip mouth, then, those which are fixed length will be delivered to roller conveyer belt. The length is controlled by light-electricity on-off control, they will enter the structure of making pill to form that has three rollers and two supporters. Pills made by this machine that are big and small equally\ accurate dosage\ round\ smooth.

Technical characteristic

1?high automatic degree, simple facility, convenient clearing and dismantling, reliable motion, using advanced electrical control equipment, it can define length of cutting strip accurately, decreasing occurrence of wasting pills, meanwhile, it can reject wasting pills automatically.

2?accurate dosage of the pill, be coincident with the standard of pharmacopeia, round\ smooth\ bright surface. Using frequency conversion timing equipment to push strips and attrition roller structure to deliver strips, these make drug strips diameter unchanged during the period of delivering, to ensure veracity of pills’ dosage.

3?strong adaptability; it can produce various gluing degree and various soft\hard pill; high eligibility rate of producing pills.

Technical data

1?output of end product pills? 1.5g, 30000-35000pills?per hour?

3g, 25000-30000 pills

6g, 20000-25000 pills

9g, 15000-20000 pills

2?qualification of making pills?1.5?3?6?9g and other special qualification

3?important error?be coincident with national pharmacopeia’s stipulation

4?power supply voltage? three- phases AC 380V

5?total power?6.5KW

6?overall dimensions?2600×800×1800mm?length×width×height?

7?weight of whole machine?600kg