Rgf-160 Tube Filling & Sealing Machine



Main features ?

Applicable to: plastic composite tubes, aluminum plastic composite tubes and metal tubes (optional)

RGF-160 tube filling & sealing machine is provided with 2 filling heads and a set of double-branch tube feeding system.

Technical parameters:

Operation speed: 160/min(max)

Filling volume: 1-300ml

Filling precision: ?±0.5%

Suitable tube length: 50-240mm

Suitable tube diameter: 10-50mm

Tube feeding device: double-branch synchronous tube feeding box

Optional: externally allocated refrigerator

Optional: special-shaped sealing devices(wave type sealing device, arc sealing device, T-shaped punching hole sealing device, metal pipe folding and sealing device)

Optional: jacket and barrel heat preservation device

Optional: blending device inside the barrel

Optional: blowing and sucking type tube cleaning device

Optional: nitriding device before and after filling

Optional: automatically controlled material feeding device (pump)

Optional: finished tube conveyor