Planetary Strong Discharging Mixer




This machine is a new product designed and developed by our company through digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology. It is mainly used for stirring and mixing of solid substances in pharmaceutical and food industries and the supported product of producing pill of Chinese Medicines for the mixing process of honey pills, concentrated pills, water pills, and water-honey pills and also used for the stirring and mixing of flours in the food industry.

Technical features

1?With the features of large loading capacity, high production efficiency and 100-500L of mixing pot capacity can be provided with the various needs.

2?Homogeneously stirring and mixing especially suitable for the strong mixing of viscous and dense materials like concentrated pills, honey pills and the flours in the food industry.

3?The part contacting materials is made of stainless steel and no dead corner and blind area in the process of mixing according to GMP.

4?It is convenient to take down and clean, the main mixing body can lift or tilt to 45°backwardly, of which XH mixing pot can be separated from the host machine, e.g. that can be used not only for the mixing pot but for storing materials and several mixing pots can be used alternatively.

5?On the bottom of the GHC mixing pot a discharging device is designed to discharge all the well-mixed materials automatically.

Technical parameter

1?The mixing pots are of such capacities as 100L?200L?300L and 500L.

2?In light of various materials the mixing time is 3-10min/pot.

3?In light of various materials different mixing blades can be chosen and its speed can be controlled by stepless speed regulation.