Model Zm Super-fine Ness Vibrating mill




It can be widely applied in preparation for the powder making and production in the fields of pharmaceutical, mine metallurgical, chemical, light industries, building material, rate metal industries and research institutes, it also can be used in the laboratory.


1.Super-fine pulverizing, high productivity. The fineness can reach 1u (1/1000mm), which is 10-30 times of traditional machines.

2.Multi-purpose, whether inorganic or organic materials can be pulverized in wet or dry process.

3.No heat generation which make no changes of the physical and chemical characters of raw materials.

4.Cover little area, easily assembled.

5.Making working environment better.


Serial ZM super-fine pulverizing machine is the latest type in the world. It has low power consumption and good sealing performance while making stabilized quality of final products and getting higher fineness (unitm). It can replace the traditional ball pulverizer machine, being the most advanced super-fine pulverizer till now.

Working Principle:

By using of vibration, the mill container can get 6-12times impact accelerated speed(G) of that of ball pulverizer machine, then the milling medium effect an eccentric force on the milling charge, so can get super-fine pulverizing.

Methods of pulverizing:

Dry, wet, idle type (Insert gases at a low temperature to pulverize)


Balls, sticks.