Model Wyvv-prism Refractometer



Model WYVV-Prism Refractometer


1. Measurement of refractive index, average or partial dispersion of transparent or semi-translucent liquid and solid substances.

2. An instrument essential for manufacturers of optical instrument and scientific research institutes and schools of higher learning.

3. Visual aim, quick measurement, high precision and easy to operate.

Technical parameters:

1. Measurement range:

Refractive index nD for solid substances: 1.30-1.95

Refractive index nD for liquid substances: 1.30-1.70

2. Accuracy:

Refractive index nD: ±5 ´10-5

3. Wavelengths

706.5, 656.3, 589.3, 587.6, 546.1, 486.1, 435.8, 404.7nm

4. Weight (net): 11kg