Model Dpp170a (alu-pvc Blister Packing Machine)



Model DPP170A (ALU-PVC Blister packing machine)

  1. Brief Introduction

Alu-PVC blister packing machine DPP170A has wide application in packing field. It can pack various shapes of articles.

  1. Advantages

The machine has wide packing range.
The machine can be connected with cartooning machine.
It owns performing, slicing, detecting and auto compensation functions additionally.
PLC controlling system enables the machine’s operation become more stable.
The machine meets GMP standards.

  1. Main Technical Parameter

(1). Packing Range: coated-tablets, capsules, suppositories, ect.
(2). Capacity: max 60strokes/min; Width of PVC:170mm
(3). Max Forming Depth: 16mm
(4). Power: 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz; Power Consumption: 4 kw
(5). Water Consumption: 0.9m³/h; Air Consumption: <6m³