Model 752s Uv-vis Spectrophotometer



Model 752S UV-VIS Spectrophotometer


The 752s UV-Visible spectrophotometer is a concise easy-operated general use spectrophotometric instrument. It can measure transmittance?absorbance and direct reading within the wavelengths of 200-960 nm. Wavelength regulated by buttom?the 2nm bandwidth can satisfy almost all metered tests request, adopt the Japanese Hamamatsu original L2D2 long life, high brightness, high stable Lamp Combination& technology can reduce the maintenance and lower the customer usage cost. This instrument is widely used in medical science and hygiene, clinical analysis, biochemistry, petroleum chemical industry, environmental monitoring and quality control department for qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Technical parameters:

Wavelength range??200-960?nm

Wavelength accuracy?±2nm

Wavelength repeatability?1nm

Spectrum bandwidth?2nm

Transmittance accuracy?±0.5%???(NBS SRM930D)

Transmittance repeatability?0.3%???

Stray light??0.5%???(360nm, NaNO2) (220nm, NaI)

Interface?RS232 serial port

Print?Optional serial printer ?Spare Parts?