Model 723n Visible Spectrophotometer



Model 723N Visible spectrophotometer


Model 723N Visible Spectrophotometer is an intelligent product with single-chip microprocessor control technology so that it has many sophisticated functions possessed by large high-end instruments and can meet the requirements of qualitative and quantitative tests for most samples conducted in conventional laboratories. The instrument is widely used in medical and health, clinical examination, biochemical, petroleum chemical, environmental protection and quality control departments, etc. The instrument with a low price and high performance is your best choice.

Technical parameters:

1?Wavelength range: 325~1000nm

2?Wavelength accuracy: ±1nm

3?Wavelength repeatability: ?0.5nm

4?Spectrum bandwidth: 4nm

5?Stray light: ?0.3%t (in a test at 360nm with NaNo2, the value is 0.1%t)

6?Transmittance display range: 0.0%t~200.0%t

7?Transmittance accuracy: ±0.5%t (Tested with NBS930D)

8?Transmittance repeatability: ?0.2%t

9?Absorptivity display range:-0.301A~4.000A

10?Concentration direct-reading range: 0000~9999

11?Baseline flatness: ±0.005A

12?Noise: 100% noise: ?0.3%t 13. Drift: ?0.004A/h