Lyophilized Powder Production Line



Lyophilized powder production line
The production capacity of this production line is 400bts/min?7ml tubular vial as example??it is suitable for big production capacity of lyophilized injectable powder.
This line is developed by our technical personnel with imported advanced technology and material .Its structure is more reasonable and practical. It integrates gmp requirements into the designing of the machinery so that the machines are without contamination and easy to clean. It can ensure producing qualified drugs.
Machine consist of?
Washing machine ?XG-KCQ100?
Tunnel oven ?H-GMS-B-1000/5000?
Filling machine ?YG-KBG12?
Capping machine ?ZG-KGL10A?
Light inspection machine ?DG-DJ100?
Labeling machine ?TG-KTN-A?
Optional configuration:
Touch panel?SIEMENS, Japan HAKKA
Filling pump?Belgium NEOCERAM, UK WATSON
Glass hood for laminar flow?Acrylic glass or tempered glass
HEPA filter? Sweden CAMFIL, USA AAF
Bearing?SKF, Japan SEKIO
Motor?ABB, Japan Oriental
Production capacity:
?filling dosage 1ml? 24000?bts/Hr?
1. Outer feature: outer material is stainless steel, dull polished. The whole line is good in appearance, easy to clean. It complies with gmp regulations and can be suitable for several bottle specs.
2. Structure feature: water filling ?ultrasonic wave coarsely washing ?circulation water ?circulation water + spraying wfi ?compressed air ?wfi ?compressed air + spraying compressed air ?tunnel oven preheating ?high temperature sterilization ?cooling ?bottle feeding ?filling ?stoppering ?(lyophilizer) ?cap-adding ?cap-sealing ?labeling ?to the next process
3. Filling dosage feature: no dripping, no forming, and no spitting.
4. Running feature: stable running, low noise, precise filling, low energy consumption, low bottle breakage ratio, high qualified product ratio.
5. Performance feature: the whole line can single machine control or interlock control. Washing machine water and air ensure washing effect; tunnel oven high temperature ensure removing pyrogen; servo motor ensure filling precision;10-head capping machine ensure sealing effect; labeling machine pneumatic coding ensure labeling speed.
Comply with gmp requirements. Contact part is made of S.S. 316L and silicone rubber which is easy to clean and sterilize and without contamination