(ktn-a) Ktn Series Labeling Machine




Working principle:

This machine consists of turntable, conveyer, sticker label fixing device, coding system, bottle outlet track and electric control system.

It use conveyor for bottle feeding, servo motor drives the label to the coding system to print the preset characters. When the fiber sensor sense the bottle position, it will send label by the servo motor automatically and conduct the labeling process

This labeling system is equipped with stepper driven (taiwan technique) for allows stable torque when around-the-clock operate consistently?

Programmable logic control system integrared with user-friendly touch screen interface panel which is both versions selected of english and chinese?as well as illustrated display for operate ef-fortless?

The machine used container-space to?feeding bottles for allows stable labeling and apply thelabel on all kinds of round containers in semi-orfully wrap—around?Optional includes hot stamping date coder to coding lot no., Mfg date and expiry date...Etc?

Technical parameters:

Model LR-250
Drive Steper motor drived
Labeling speed 0~200PCS/MIN
Precision ±1mm
Label width 20~80mm
Lable core Stander 76mm
Product size 20~100mm
Power AC 220V 250W
Weight 200kgs
machine size 1500mm(L) X1100mm(W)X950mm(H)