Kbg Series Filling Machine(yg-kbg12?10?8?6?4)




Production capacity:
Yg-kbg12 7ml vial dosage 1ml 420~450bts/min.
Yg-kbg10 7ml vial dosage 1ml 350~400bts/min.
Yg-kbg8 7ml vial dosage 1ml 320~350bts/min.
Yg-kbg6 7ml vial dosage 1ml 250~280bts/min.
Working principle:
This machine consists of turntable, star wheel, synchronized belt, tracing filling system, stoppering device, bottle outlet track and electric control system. The filling needles come along with the vials and the servo motors drive the rotary ceramic pumps separately to conduct filling process.
It use turntable and synchronized belt to feed bottle ,tracing needle to position the bottles, servo motor drives the ceramic pump with a proper speed according to the filling dosage set by the electric control system. Finally, the bottles go to stoppering roller to get half-stoppered or full-stoppered and then be pushed out one by one.
Servo motor controls rotary ceramic pump, high precision togethere with high speed. Filling error is small.
Sealing effect of rotary ceramic pump is good; no leakage of air and no dripping; easy to disassemble and clean.
Synchronized belt positioning is précised, running is stable, easy to change.
Tracing filling saves time and increase filling speed.
Touch panel operation and plc Control, high automation degree.
Falling bottle auto rejected in the turntable, no bottle, no filling; machine auto stops when no stopper; auto alarms when insufficient stopper Equip with auto counting function.
Ce certified, standard electric installation, safety guarantee on operation.
Optional acrylic glass protection hood and 100-class laminar flow
Optional pre-filling and after-filling nitrogen filling.
The whole machine is designed according to gmp requirements.
Technical parameters:
Suitable bottle range:2-30ml glass bottles(change the proper change part)
Power supply: 380V 50Hz
Power :6kw
Vacuum degree:-6x10-2 Mpa Qty: 40 m3/h
Compress air pressure : 0.3-0.4Mpa Qty:20m3/h
Filling error: ceramic pump?1% imported ceramic pump?0.4% Peristaltic pump?1.5%
Auto stoppering ratio:?99.9%
Speed controlled by inverte
Single machine noise:?70dB
Dimension: 3700x1500x1800(mm)