High Efficiency Automatic Strapping Machine (small Type Automatic Strapping Machine)




  1. Wide application: this machine is widely used for kinds of industries, such as medicine food, printing, cloth, journey. IT etc, which can strap big-sized box together and also wrap hard or soft products with multi-pc and multi-pack.
  2. Strapping diversification: includes single straps, double straps, three straps, well type straps etc.
  3. Strapping speed fast: it takes only 2 second to finish strapping, which integrate press, tight, scaled cutter for one time.
  4. High quality and low cost, more economical.
  5. Strapping function is better for heat sensitivity.
  6. Touch screen: adopt PLC control program, touch screen can adjust or operate about parameter, set convenient button and reach four model including handle, automatic, temporary stop, stick. All will satisfy users request.
  7. Adopt tape besides normal paper tape and film tape, including printed color tape, anti-false and anti-static. (Note: besides paper tape and film tape, we also can supply other tape type according to clients’ requested.)

Technical parameters:

Strapping size (wxh)

Max size :380x200mm Min size:30x10mm

Strapping speed

? 30 strappings /min

Tape specification

Paper tape / film tape (printed color tape,

anti-false tape, anti-static tape)

Strapping tension


Voltage supply

220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz

Power supply


Overall dimensions

590x350x490mm (LxWxH)