Hhlpb Irregular Bottle Arranging Machine



Usage and brief introduction:

LPB Irregular Bottle Arranging Machine is suitable for plastic irregular or circular bottles in the pharmacy, cosmetic and drinks trade, etc. Contrast to the traditional direction-positioned arranging machine able to adjust the direction of bottles automatically. So the efficiency is greatly improved. All drives of the machine can adjust speed steplessly so as to combine line. While arranging bottles, bottles only in contact with stainless steel, silica gel pieces and polypro-pylene parts, so there is no pollution. The whole process is a skillful mechanical movement with no pneumatic system, non-pollution and low noise. The higher efficiency and less consumption and no pollution are suitable for mass production.

Technical parameters?

Productive capacity

120 bottles/min circular areup to 140 bottles/min

Qualified rate of arranging bottles


Power source

220V, 50Hz



Net weight


Overall size

2200mmx 1100mm x 1210mm