Gzs-15a-type High Productive Automation Machine




These series products are the new mechanical, electrical and gaseous integration ones for our company to develop in light with domestic suppository production practice digesting and absorbing foreign modern technology, which are in leading position in China and have many national patent technologies.

This machine group can be suited to the suppository production for chemical medicine and plant medicine of all kinds of primary standard substance, all kinds of viscosity, all kinds of packing materials and all kinds of shape.

Work principle:

Rolls of strip (PVC, PVE/PE) are shaped by normal pressure and plasticization with suppository shell machine and enter pouring process automatically. After the even mixed medical liquid is poured into the shell through high precision measuring pump automatically, it enters cooling equipment continuously. It becomes solid suppository granule by low temperature setting for hours and realizes liquid—solid transformation. Through process of plastic, sealing, printing lot number and cutting, the product is made.

Characteristics of technology:

1. Continuous or batch shelling equipment and plug-in pouring are adopted. The position is precise. The medicine does not drip and stain on the wall of the granule and has high measuring precision.

2. It has large adaptability. The gelatin quality medicine and traditional Chinese medicine

products all can be poured, and it can be suited to rolls of all kinds of materials, such as ?ALU/PE?or ?PP/ALU/PE?or ?PVC?PVC/PE?PVE/PVDC/PE?

3. It has the special functions of granule cutting for each plate willfully, not pouring medicine for bad ones and rejecting automatically and testing the pouring amount, correcting color target automatically, controlling dosage with computer, recovering the end materials automatically, ect.

4. PLC programmable control and industrial man – computer operation are available. It has characteristics of high automation, easy adjustment, high precise temperature control, reliable and smooth operation.

5. it has large capacity of reserve liquid. There are constant temperatures, stirring and liquid automatic control apparatus.

6. there are circulatory system and warm protection apparatus to guarantee the liquid not to become solid when the machine has stalled.

7. it covers small area and is easy to operate.

Technical parameters:

1?Output?20000-30000 granules/h


3?Allowable error of dosage?±2%

4?Shape of suppository?Bullet, torpedo shape

5?Adaptable quality?Semi-synthetic fatty acid glyceride gelatin, polyethylene glycol, etc.

6?Capacity of reserve liquid?50L

7?Filling height?2000 mm

8?Power Voltage?.380V three-phase AC

9?Total Power?21KW

10?Barometric pressure?0.55-0.65MP

11?Gas consumption?1.0m3/min

12?Water consumption?600L/h ?circulations?

13?Size of appearance?7400×2100×2400 mm

14?Total weight?2500kg