Dpr-250a Tropical (al/pl/al) Blister Packaging Machine



DPR-250A Tropical (Al/PL/Al) Blister Packaging machine


DPR-250A Tropical(AL/PL/AL) Blister Packing machine got two patents from the state. It can be used for three different kinds of packaging: AL/PL, AL/AL, AL/PL/AL, up to the purpose of one machine three uses.

  1. Transmission organization: Adopting the most new-type high-power transmission to arrange the chain and drive the main drive shaft, has avoided the errors and noises of its gear wheel transmission.
  2. Electric apparatus system: Adopting German Siemens PLC controlling system of Japan Omron PLC controlling system result in that every engineer location of transmission of the machine is procedure.
  3. Pneumatic system: Adopting coder control, in order to make every organization operate accurately by programmable PLC, and also guarantees the stability of moving ahead simultaneously while packing productsare in multi-parts and long-distance moving.
  4. Traction system: Adopting double traction device, Panasonic servo-motor control, in order to keep the stability of moving ahead simultaneously while each apparatus are in high speed and long-distance working.
  5. Detection system: It will according to custom demand adopting video detector that can modify of the 5% different pharmaceutical sample of the shape, or adopt the digital calculating equipment of the optic fiber that can detect the number of medicines, both of them can delete the waster automatically.
  6. Photoelectric equipment : control the traction system by servo motor, and detect the length by photoelectric switch, in order to make the printed photos appeared clearly and beautifully, then get the purpose of making photos oppositely, and improve the level of the products packaging.
  7. Combined body: it is convenient to enter the purification workshop already fitted up smoothly for the user.
  8. All the parts is made of stainless steel (No.316 or 304) and prevent the across infect which can meet the “GMP” standard.

Technical parameter:

Productivity: 40000.00-80000.00Pieces/h

Cutting frequency: 15-40(Frequency Conversion Adjustable) Time/min

Travel adjusting range: 40-130mm

Max. of forming area and depth of PVC:240*120*18mm

Max. of tropic Aluminum forming area and depth: 220*110*20mm

Heating plate power:1.5(upper)KW \1.5(lower)KW

Hot-sealing power of Alum,-plastic: 3KW Hot-sealing power of tropic Aluminum: 7KW

Power of main motor: 2.2KW Capacity of air compressor: ?0.2m3/min

Size of wrapper(width): PVC/AL Foil \Tropical Al 250mm Weight: 1680kg

Overall size: 4600*750*1650mm Size of encasement: 2400*750*1650mm \2200*750*1650mm