Dpp250y Liquid Blister Packing Machine



DPP-250Y Liquid Blister Packing Machine


This liquid blister packing machine is suitable for packing the liquid like chocolate, butter, jam, honey, milk, cheese and so on. Widely used in food industry.

It adopts PLC man-machine interface control system, and is equipped with automatic liquid filling device, safety enclosure and photoelectric printing registration device. Besides, all the parts that contact with material are made by stainless steel, which ensures our machines clean and hygiene.

The bottom film which can use in this machine is thermo formable, heat sealable semi-rigid film and rigid film such as PVC, PET and so on.

Technical parameters:

Punch frequency: 15-25 times/min

Packing efficiency: 5400-9000plates(blister)/hour

Max. forming area and depth: 250mm x 120mm x 32mm

Adjustable range of stroke: 30-120mm

Air compressor: ?0.22m3/min (self-prepared)

Power: 5.7kw, AC 380V (can be changed as customer requirements)

Rated frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz

Dimensions: 3950 x 800 x 1920mm

Weight: 1500kg.