Dpp-320f Blister Packaging Machine



DPP-320F Blister Packaging machine


Model DPP-320F Flat Aluminum-Plastic Blister Packaging machine has been finished through technical transformation on the base of former Model DPP-250 Aluminum-Plastic blister packager and accepting customers’ reasonable suggestions of their operation practice. Because of excellent properties its productivity has been greatly raised, which has enjoyed high reputation among the numerous customers.

  1. Adopting imported frequency conversion to adjust speed, the punching, frequency is 15-60 times/min and its frequency conversion can be adjustable ,choose the length stroke and proper punching frequency according to different material.
  2. Adopting combination mode for the whole machine: putting together, formation, and material feeding are in one section; heat sealing, creasing and punching are in one section, which can be easy to enter the lift and transformation workshop, lengthen the distance between the formation and heat sealing, raise the filling rate for feeding of foreign matter. Thus, the rate of finished products will be guaranteed under the high speed running.
  3. Mechanism of Executing Drawing: composed of material delivering, drawing and position, waste collecting and so on.
  4. Enlarge its cam to lengthen the distance between up and down running of work-site, which can make the max. depth of bubble reach 26mm and satisfy the big pills and special packing requirements in medical appliances, foodstuff trades and so on.
  5. This machine can produce 5plates at one time (standard 80*57mm), greatly improved the packing quality.
  6. It can be provided with photoelectric register device to perform picture &characters line-up. It can also be provided with controlling devices for pill (slice) lacking test and waste plate rejecting system.
  7. This machine can be used as two kinds of packing: aluminum-plastic and aluminum-aluminum, being a dual-purpose machine. It can also be provided with direction adjuster for hard capsules.
  8. Provided with PC touching push button, or human-computer interaction, PLC programming controller.
  9. This machine meets all the requirements of GMP standard fully.
  10. Without punching mechanism for across side, this machine can save packing materials of about ?65000 Yuan/set yearly.

Technical parameter:

Cutting frequency: 15-60times/min

Cutting frequency: 75-300 plates/min (steplessly adjustable)

Max. forming depth:26mm Max. forming area:305*150mm

Travel adjusting :40-160mm Heating plate power: 1.5(upper)kw\1.5(lower)kw

Hot-sealing power or Alum, plastic:3kw Power of main motor:2.2kw

Capacity of air compressor: ?0.3m3/min

Size of wrapper(width ): PVC320mm, Alum foil PTP320mm

Overall size: 3528*1300*1610mm Weight: 2000kg