Dpp-140d/e Blister Packaging Machine



DPP-140D/E Blister packaging machine


DPP-140D/E Blister Packaging machine is specially designed for pharmaceutical factories. It is characterized by novel outline, convenience of operation, complete performance, adjustable travel, simple-ness of changing of molds. It gets credit for products of high quality.

The main process such as heating, pressure forming, double feeding, hot-sealing, batch number, impressing disjunction line, counting and cutting are automatically completed con-tinueinuously. It can be designed to do super to do super depth blister packing (eg. Big honeyed pill) according to user’s requirement and also line mesh hot-sealing. It has smooth and visual process. It is suitable for blister packing for various, tablets and other medicines.

Technical parameters:

Cutting frequency: 40-80 plates/min

Productivity: 36,000-72,000 pieces/h

Max. forming area:130mm*100mm

Max. forming depth:18mm

Adjusting range of travel:40mm-110mm

Size of standard plate: 80*57mm

Width and thickness of PVC and PTP Alum foil: PVC140*0.25?0.5mm


Power supply: 220v 50Hz

Power: Main motor 1.1kw, heating total power 2.4kw.

Overall size: 2020*650*1400mm

Size of encasement: 2200*700*1700mm

Weight: 750KG