Dpb-140b Self-checking Aluminum-aluminum Blister Packing Machine



DPB-140B Self-checking aluminum-aluminum blister packing machine

  1. Application:

1) Eye marking sealing device with sensor trace can be added for option.

2) Plexiglas cover can be added for option.

  1. Product specify

It is the latest scientific products for pharmaceutical factory and healthcare factory as well as foodstuff factory; it can check on-line and eliminate the waste plate by itself. The machine adopts frequency converter and the whole system was controlled by PLC, which can be operated in man-machine interface. It is an ideal and popular packing equipment whit high automation, easy for operation, advanced technology, full purpose, long durability and in accordance with GMP requirement, . The products have passed the provincial science and technology appraisal.

  1. Feature

1) Equipped with fiber-optic or inductive checking mechanism, which can check and eliminate by itself the waste plate with lack of tablet or other packed material, with recovery rate of 100%

2) Main transmission part adopts axis and bevel wheel speed reducer, with novel structure, stable running. Low noise and long service life.

3) Forming mould, hot-sealing mould and pressing mould adopt bolt orientation, with exact orientation, easy to change moulds and material saving.

4) Heat-sealing station fixed, forming, pressing and cutting spare parts can move freely to adjust the distance and easy to change moulds.

5) Manipulator towing, adjustable travel range, it can be suited for blister packing of various sizes. Flat plate structure can pack specialshape products, such as: elliptic shape, square shape, square shape, triangle shape etc.

  1. Main technical parameters

Cutting frequency(times/min)

Al-AL 6-25 Al-plastic, paper-plastic 6-50

Max.production capacity(pcs/h)

Al-Al ?45000 Al-plastic?110000

Max.forming area and depth(mm)

Al-Al 130 x 130 x 14 Al-plastic 130 x 130 x 26

Travel range(mm)


Standard plate(mm)

80 x 57 (can be manufactured as user’s requirements)

Air pressure(mpa)


Air supply


Total power

380V/220V 50Hz 3.6kw

Main motor power(kw)


Forming aluminum(mm)

0.1-0.15 x 140

PVC sheet(mm)

0.25-0.5 x 140

PTP aluminum foil(mm)

0.02-0.035 x 140

Dialysis paper(mm)

50-100g x 140

Mould cooling

Tap water or circulating water

Overall dimensions(mm)

2300 x 560 x 1410(L x W x H)