Dc1500 Lab Scale Spray Dryer




It adopts advanced international technology and spare parts. It assembles many of new design, for example, small shape for free moving, combining air compressor and electrical heater inside the cabinet, glass spray and cyclone separator for inspecting. All the data and function are controlled by PLC, Chinese and English language.

This type is popular in field of Food, biology, material, pharmacy enterprise or university, R&D institute. Especially some non-heat material, that can be sprayed to power wonderfully, because material touch heat air in a little time, and high temperature don’t destroy the component of production. Flavour, dairy, plant and vegetable extract liquid, pharmacy, biology, chemical,material, resins,Ceramics and superconductors Biochemicals,etc.


1?Designed for research and development
2?Spray chamber, cyclone separator, receiving tank are all made of Borosilicate glass which can resist strong acid/alkali, high temperature. It can work in a no-pollution and stable environment, and the whole process can be inspected. All the spare parts are easy to install and wash
3?the air compressor is no oil and don’t pollute compress air. The power from receiving tank has a good flow. The sound is low than 60db, and following the GMP understands.
4?inlet/outlet temperature is accurate controlled by PID
5?Supplied complete and ready for most spray drying applications.
6?The unit is self contained and supplied complete and ready for immediate operation.
7?Using proface touchable interface display operation, operator can control temperature, airflow volume, air pressure,pump speed and de-blocker frequency.
8?Product feeding with RS2559605 rotary pump, capacity is adjustable
9?Out ring jacket supplying compressed air to nozzle and atomization is formed at the outlet of internal product pipe.
10?Automatic de-blocking device prevents the nozzle from becoming blocked and variably controlled.
11?equipped with air filter to remove? and collect fine particles in exhausted air.

Technical parameters:

Max capacity: 1500-2000ml/h
Temperature range of Inlet air:40?-280?
Temperature range of outlet air:40?-140?
Precision of temperature:±1?
Dryer time: 1.0-1.5 S
Speed of squirmy pump: 50-2000ml/h,
Consume of dryer air: 0-10m3 /h, max pressure: 686Pa
Consume of spray air: 0-4.2m3 /h,spray pressure: 2-5bar
Spray system: two liquid nozzle (0.5/0.7/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5mm)
Spray direction: downwards co-current
Heater power: 3.5KW 220V
Dimensions:550 x 600 x 1480 ( mm ) L x W x H