Cs-4 Tablet Friability Tester



CS-4 Tablet friability tester

CS series of instruments are used for detecting friability/abrasion of tablet.


National standard (Chinese codex)/2005/

Corporate standard (Tablet friability tester)Q/12XQ0189-2004


1. Single drum runs. Auto stop at timing point.

2. The drum is made of high quality hyaline acryl.

3. The speed and revolution of the drum is constant. Either preset or real data is displayed on the LED/

4. A MPU is used to control all operation, high accuracy is achieved in testing rotary speed and circle number.

5. Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm


Cylinder number 1

Cylinder radius ?286mm

Cylinder depth 39mm

Tablet fall height 156mm

Rotation count 100r

Rotation count accuracy ±1r

Rotation speed 25rpm

Rotation speed accuracy ±1rpm

Power 220v/50Hz/20W or 110V/60Hz/20W

Dimension 300x200x330mm