Cfm-6000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine



Advantage in brief
? consistent with national energy-saving emission reduction requirements, Ultra-low power consumption
? Excellent cost performance ratio and flexible machine set up
? Production of ultra-high capacity, save a lot of labor costs
? Suitable for mass production of single product
? Segment cleaning with intensified segment cleaning, which increased the production capacity of equipment
? Control unit and main machine is separated. Can put the machine according to production room? which reduces the interference of vibration of the main machine to control unit.
? Operational printing system for some production data
? Touch screen is a particularly operator-friendly feature.
Description of features:
1. GMP confirming color touch screen, with optional 2 languages.
2. Four capsule maganines with 12 tracks and capsule separation device.
3. Measurement of large-diameter dosing disc ensures that the filling meets the high demand of precision. Capsule closing station ahead of schedule, Shorten the exposure time after the powder filled. Suitable for filling hygroscopic powder.
4. A simple and reliable faulty capsule rejection device for non-separated capsules.
5. Cleaning device for segments.
6. Production room sealed off from the driving unit. All stations are freely accessible from outside via upward-swiveling Guard doors.
7. Adopts imported high-precision graduation structure transmission system. Smooth and reliable operation & Long life.
Technical parameter:
Max. output (capsules/min)
No. of segment borings(four lines)
48 holes 4line
Suit for capsule size
Filling precision
Total power
Dimensions L*W*H
Net weight