Automatic Tray-rotating Cream Filling Machine



Automatic Tray-rotating Cream Filling Machine

Technical parameters:

The star tray intermission rotating adapts divider transmitting, and fixes at the direct place.

Clean the container with air, while moving with transmission belt.

The bottom part’s speed has high /low two bands, that can fills steadily without bubbles.

The star tray can be easily changed with different volume.

The filling part can be assembled and disassembled, according with sanitary standards.

No performance of filling without a container.

The whole machine adopts PLC control system, and is easy in operation.

Application: Medium and high viscosity cream/ointment products

Filling range:50-300 gram(Filling cylinder and piston can be changed)

Production capacity: 50-70 bottle/min

Filling capacity: 80L (changeable with needs)

Power: 220/380V 50HZ 4KW

Working pressure: over 4-5kg f/cm2100L/min

Outer dimension: 2200X1250X1800