Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Heavy equipment hauling/shipping is a highly complicated, traumatic and tedious task that adds a lot of overhead by all means. It cannot be performed smoothly without expertise, knowledge and experience. One needs to take very good care and responsibility for the same. Most of these heavy equipment are very expensive, that are unaffordable for a single person. We have invested  these equipment for their flawless functioning functioning.

Delivery Options:

1. CIF-Door Delivery: Free shipping and Installation

We Save You Time!

If you made up your mind to buy pharma machinery today ,it means you needed it like yesterday and time is of the essence . We have machines in stock here in USA and  we ship an order in as little as 5-20 days .

No Need To Retain a Broker

Our brokers have already taken care of all customs clearance on all pharma machines. You sit and wait for your machine to be delivered . 

No Tariff

When you buy a machine from APM, the  25% Trump tariff on order purchase price is already cleared.

Customs Filings

All the paperwork like , ISF, Import License , Custom Bond  have already been properly filed in advance. All customs and warehouse fees on our pharma machinery both at the port of Entry (New York/LA) have already been paid. 

Avoid Alibaba Scams

When you buy from American Pharma Machinery ,your purchase is 100% risk free. PERIOD!! 

2. FOB: All FOB machines ship from our Partner's factory in China. The customer will still have to pay 25% tariff ,do customs filings and clearance, DEA permit ( in case of Encapsulating machines)  and pay transport etc. 

Disclaimer: We DONOT Guarantee delivery time on customized machines due to several factors that are always beyond the company's making. We shall not be liable for damages  and inconveniences caused by delay in delivering your Machine. All our customizable machines are assembled in China.