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Desktop Capsule Tablet Counting Machine

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Desktop Capsule Tablet Counting Machine

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Desktop Capsule Tablet Counting Machine

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Desktop Capsule Tablet Counting Machine

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Desktop Capsule Tablet Counting Machine

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110V 60Hz / CIF-Door Delivery, 110V 60Hz / FOB, 220V 50Hz / CIF-Door Delivery, 220V 50Hz / FOB

Our Desktop Capsule Tablet Counting Machine adopts electromagnet for vibration, which is both stable and reliable. With a unique design that is easy to operate, small in size, and applicable to pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food production and other industries. It features: 

  • Application Pill, Capsules, tablets, soft capsules and items of regular shape
  • Dia. of Counting Slide 400mm
  • Holes 5-100 
  • For size 00 capsules,100 pcs per time, size 0 capsules,120 pcs per time, and size 1 capsules, 150 pcs per time.
  • For tablets of 6 mm, 150 pcs per time, and for tablets of 8 mm, 100 pcs per time. And the thickness of the tablets shall be 3-20 mm.
  • Capacity 12-26 vials (bags)/min
  • Capsule/Tablet size as requested
  • Power 150W
  • Voltage 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz (single-phase )
  • Weight 48kg
  • Dimensions 600x500x700mm

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