Find Out Why Every Supplements Manufacturer Needs A Capsule/Tablet Polishing Machine

Find Out Why Every Supplements Manufacturer Needs A Capsule/Tablet Polishing Machine

As the name suggests, the capsule polishing machine is solely designed to enhance and purify the visual aspect of any capsule or tablet. This, in turn, ensures better sales and an established reliability factor among clients and customers.

Having said that, American Pharma Machinery boasts of one of the best capsule polishing machines meant for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare/dietary supplements industries alike. Let’s delve more into the details of what this machine has to offer and what are the advantages of owning it.

What are the characteristics of the capsule polishing machine?

This machine has two variants, namely; the automatic and the semi-automatic. The latter is only designed to polish capsules while the former even separates the bad, fragmented, and empty capsules from the rest along with polishing them.

The capsule polishing machine is automatic, and majorly made up of solid stainless steel and is quite small in comparison to other machinery required by pharma industries.

  • It successfully differentiates between and eliminates lightweight, defected, fragmented, and empty capsules.
  • The capsule or tablet is polished using a nylon brush that can easily be replaced in a few weeks regularly.
  • The printed capsule is quite delicately handled and not let in direct contact with the steel body so as to not hamper with its perfection.
  • Any capsule or tablet of any shape and size can be polished in this machine. Also, you don’t need to make any prior preparations or alterations in the machine for the same.
  • This machine consists of the latest type of net cylinder that prevents any breakage or damage to the capsule during the polishing process.
  • The exceptional feature of this device is that it is complete with a frequency converter. In other words, you can rest assured that this machine will work for long hours without falling prey to grave consequences.

Above all these characteristics, the capsule polishing machine available at American Pharma Machinery is simple, convenient, easy to operate coupled with a straightforward cleaning and maintaining mechanism. The machine is also incredibly quiet for its working pace and pretty peaceful to be around, to say the least.

What are the advantages of using the capsule tablet polishing machine?

The primary reason for investing in a capsule polishing machine is to improve the standard of healthcare benefits to the consumer. Not only that, it helps get rid of the powder and other impurities coating the surface of the capsule.

  • The nylon brush inside the machine ensures that the surface is polished and cured of any impurities. These are bound to make their way into the patient’s system otherwise.
  • A capsule polishing machine enhances the overall look of the tablet or capsule thereby assuring the consumer of safety, credibility, and reliability.

Summing it up:

The capsule tablet polishing machine is one of the best one-time investments a company owner can make in order to promote the quality of products and enhance their sales. In addition to being small and easy to move, it is also quite affordably priced and pretty light on the pocket.

Even if your company is running on a tight and limited budget, it is quite possible to squeeze in a capsule polishing machine. This will not just improve your standard of delivery but will also sky-rocket your sales in due course of time.

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