4 Pharmaceutical Machines Supplement Makers Should Have Liquid and Capsule Filling Machines Capsule polishing Machine Capsule counting machine

4 Pharmaceutical Machines Supplement Makers Should Have  Liquid and Capsule Filling Machines Capsule polishing Machine Capsule counting machine
As people become more health-conscious, there is a growing market for natural health and weight loss supplements. For nutrition and fitness gurus with ambition, this growing market is a chance to sell their own proprietary supplements. Getting into the supplement industry is easier than people may realize. All you need is a product idea and the equipment to mass produce and bottle the product. Thanks to American Pharma Machinery, thinking of your product idea is the hard part. We offer everything you need to make high-quality supplements in professional packaging. Here are four pharmaceutical machines that supplement manufacturers should have.
Liquid and Capsule Filling Machines
When making a health supplement, it's crucial to provide the product in a form that's easy for the user to consume. The best way to do this depends on the composition of the product and the needs of the user. Some supplements work better as pills and others are best in a liquid form. In either event, American Pharma Machinery has filling machines that will meet your needs. We have several capsule filling machines that can produce fill and seal capsule pills in a variety of sizes. Similarly, we have liquid filling machines that can quickly and accurately fill small bottles with liquids and oils. Any supplement maker that wants to fill capsules and bottles will need to use these kinds of machines if they plan to mass produce the product.
Powder Packaging Machine
Many supplements can be sold in a powder form, which makes the product more manageable for the consumer to carry. Supplements that are mixed with water are prime candidates for this kind of packaging. Having the powder separated into serving size packages is convenient for the customer and ensures they always have the right amount. Professional packaging is also crucial for powder supplements since it makes consumers feel the product is more trustworthy. American Pharma Machinery has several powder packaging machines that can package and box powder products for sale.
Counting Machines
Counting the number of small things in a package can be tricky. It’s the reason why candy like M&Ms and Skittles use weight instead of the number of pieces in the package. However, supplement and pharmaceutical manufacturers don’t have the luxury of estimating how many units are in each package. Rather than try to count out 90 pills by hand, most supplement manufacturers rely on counting machines, like the ones we have at American Pharma Machinery. These devices can accurately count the number of tablets or capsules in each bottle without damaging the pills.
Labeling Machines
Even if you make a good supplement, if the packaging is lackluster, people won't pay attention to it. Having a good label is almost as important as the product in the bottle. You also want a label that is professionally applied to the container. If it looks like your supplements had the label applied by hand, people may question the quality of the operation that created the product. American Pharma Machinery has labeling machines that can expertly apply professional-looking labels to supplement bottles. Besides ensuring that every bottle is labeled correctly and uniformly, these machines save a lot of time. The device can place labels far faster than any worker, so it pays for itself in reduced employee costs.
If you’re ready to start mass-producing a supplement, or you want to upgrade the equipment you currently use, American Pharma Machinery has everything you need. Send us a message online if you have any questions about the products we carry or the ordering process. Capsule polishing Machine Capsule counting machine
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